About Us

Gambier GigaFlops is a group of 9 pioneering kids who are visionary and brave enough to form the first community-based FLL team in Knox County, Ohio (2014-2015 World Education).  We range in age 9-14 and come from 2 elementary schools, a middle school and one home school from a rural area NE of Columbus, OH.

In First LEGO League Robot Games, we learn about things like robot design, programming, mechanical design using simple machines, gearing and purpose-built armatures within a framework of “Courteous Professionalism” and “Coopertition” with other teams.  We also learn about fundamental engineering concepts like reverse engineering, design patterns, product management, software/product life cycle, debugging and quality assurance.

Equally important is our original STEM Science Project.  We are tasked with brainstorming and realizing (as far as possible) an innovative STEM-based product/service that either solves an existing problem or creates a solution to one that isn’t realized as a problem yet.

Community outreach is part of our mission as well.  We want to spread awareness and interest in STEM and Robotics to other kids in our community.  We held an open house early in our season to teach dozens of kids as young as pre-K about FLL, robotics and physics.  We will also demo at STEMfest 2015 in Mt Vernon and are eager to share our experiences and extend the same opportunities FLL offers to everyone in our community.

Our founder, principle underwriter and Head Coach is Jon Chun, an engineer and tech entrepreneur who moved to Gambier from Silicon Valley.  He has worked in a broad range of tech fields around the world but faces the most challenging startup in raising his 3 boys.  He has been passionate about bringing more academic enrichment to the local community for years.  He is a five year veteran of Destination Imagination (advanced to State Championship in 2nd year of eligibility), piloted Math League locally at the elementary level and has been roped into coaching many sports including T-ball, wrestling and soccer.

Several weeks into our rookie season, Jason Hughes joined our team as our replacement Assistant Coach.  He is heavily involved in coaching his son’s traveling soccer team and helps support wrestling tournaments with his background as a physical therapist.  Jason and Jon started a 4H Robotics Club and began raising funds from the Arial Foundation to expand FLL to the wider community.  Jason will spin-off his own 4H team in the 2015-2016 FLL season with likely financial support from Arial.

You can learn more about the FIRST LEGO League robot game by watching this video of the 2013 Robot Games:

Check out more information about First LEGO League at:

US:   http://firstlegoleague.org/

Europe:  http://www.first-lego-league.org/en/

LA Presentation: http://fll.larobotics.org/resources/Introduction+for+FLL+Coaches+2013.pdf





2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. John, This is Dora from Wiggin Street School. I spoke with you today outside Ms. Waugh’s class regarding my two boys (ages 8 and 6) who would be very interested in future iterations of this project. Please sign me up for your updates/information. Thanks!


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