LEGO Innovation at Play

LEGO is running a small promotion on their Architecture Studio Set so we picked one up.


Unlike most LEGO kits, this set does not come with complete step-by-step instructions but rather general component/design guidelines based upon real architectural theories.  The idea is to create a set that allows for a more creative and exploratory build experience.  In addition, the bricks and models are small scale and largely monochrome white for cost-control and to put the focus on essentials of physical geometric design.

Here is a good marketing blub that explains how the distinct yet complimentary educational goals of the LEGO Architecture Series fit with both the Mindstorms robot sets and Technic set series we are more familiar with from our previous years work in First LEGO League.


As in the LEGO Movie, there really are Master Builders.  We went to a class at the LEGOLAND Hotel taught by a Master Builder who designs and builds models for LEGOLAND Park Florida.  Here is another Master Builder explaining how the beautiful LEGO Architecture model of the Sydney Opera House.



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