Data Science, and the $180,000 connection


Although we didn’t use the formal term “Data Science” much this past year while developing our Research Project, that is basically the core of what we were doing.

  • We studied a variety of business, economic and strategic opportunities around waste disposal for our FLL Trash Treck Research Project.  We explored 4 in depth before deciding upon from everything including elevator pitches, competitive analysis, to economic and technological viability and quantitative real-world impact.
  • We had an intensive tech summer camp immediately after school finished starting June 1st that explored a wide vareity of technologies we have available at our disposal including user engagment and motivational psychology, interface design, mobile app development, and a vareity of game programming (MIT Scratch, Roblox, JavaScript, etc).
  • We use research to collect data, normalize it and create simple mathematical models to compare apples to oranges and quantify various choices for any given ecological decision point.


Although I wrote a number of posts that cite data science, I only wrote one post that actually defined data science way back on June 9th for Day 7 of our Tech Summer Camp.  Data Science is one of the hottest fields in the high-end of our knowledge economy.  The average salary for a data scientist is $119,000 vs the average salary of a programmer at $65,000. Here is some good advice on a careers in data science.

This FLL season I purposely structured a program that would not only teach you a wide vareity of the many components involved in Data Science, but also used those components to help you identify and craft a FLL Trash Treck Research Project. incorporated all these elements to realize an entrepreneurial web service that could potentially address a fundamental shortcoming in our thinking and acting on the waste creation and disposal problem. allows people to more accurately weigh alternatives to make better consumer decisions based on data instead of emotion, habit and common misperceptions.

Our data science approach to is not unique to Computer Science.  It has long been the mainstays of fields like engineering, manufacturing and finance where data science helps engineer better solutions, produce more reliable products at lower cost and identify more profit while containing risks.  More recently data science is being used in more grey areas of human endeavor such as:

The list is long and your future opportunities are great data science.  I hope you gained a unique insight into the fields of data science via our FLL Research Project this year.  No doubt, many of the technologies, skills and insights we explored together this year you will encounter in your future education and careers.





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