Entrepreneurship: From Idea to Realization

  1. Brainstorm idea
  2. Hone, Filter and/or Reject
  3. Conceptualize it as a product and/or service
  4. Architect/Implement it to work out Details
  5. Brainstorm Branding, Design Guidelines, Names and Logos
  6. Check for name/logo conflict
  7. Get Domain Name
  8. Setup Server on the Cloud
  9. Install and configure WordPress
  10. Architect Data
  11. Skeletal Fill
  12. Marketing/Sales Plan
  13. Future Growth



Brainstorms, Logos, Branding and T-Shirt Designs

Based upon our brainstorming sessions last week and working with Beckett at home we’ve come up with our first pass on our T-Shirt design.   With our Costa Rican connection and “flops” in our team name our brainstorm led to a tropical theme this year to layer upon our eco Trash Trek theme.


T-Shirt Front


T-Shirt Back

Green is associated with ecology and allerates with GambierGigaflops nicely so we’re looking with a tropical green color palette and fun fonts to match.  Here is some research Beckett did to help with the design:



BlogTropicalGreenVideoColorPalette BlogSweetSummerVideoColorPalette

We’ll get some feedback today on the T-Shirt design.  The T-Shirt printing company needs several weeks lead time so we’ll have to finalize the design this week.

Our working title for our Trash Trek app is ecoSmart.xyz and we’ll discuss a logo for our app today as well as our site functionality and structure.