Trash Trek Kickoff!

FIRST LEGO League just officially announced the full details of this year’s Trash Trek FLL challenge.  Be sure to view the videos below and check out all the details at the FLL Trash Trek web page.



The Robot Challenge is very different from last year.  There are some very creative and well thought out missions that reflect real-world waste management issues we discussed this summer:

Our team rule master will have to go through the documentation with a fine-tooth comb.  The video above explains that there is a 60% reduction in words and a 30% reduction in rules.  From our experience last year, at the highest level the Robot Challenge involves carefully dissecting the new FLL rulebook to find the legal exceptions/interpretations that allow for optimal engineering solutions.


The Research Project is refreshingly open-ended.  It appears that all the ideas we discussed this past summer are viable under the Trash Trek Topic Guide published today.

We’ll review and summarize at our first meeting.  Go GambierGigaFlops!


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