2015 Trash Trek Robot Challenge Preview

Although the official release of the 2015 Trash Trek Robot Challenge isn’t until next week at noon on the 25th, here is a great preview of how very different this year’s challenge will be compared to last years:


For comparison, here is a quick walk through of last year’s 2014 World Classroom Robot Challenge:


BTW, this year’s new mat looks like a throwback to the 2011 design for the Food Factor Robot Challenge:



Here are a few notable differences comparing this year’s mat to last year’s mat:

  • Photorealistic graphic images on mat (will interfere with color sensors)
  • No colored lines, all lines are think black (solves problem of color sensors having problems differentiating between black/green)
  • No lines or missions at odd angles, all are at multiples of 90 degrees with a white margin
  • Base is round instead of rectangular with a much smaller area and buffer zone around outside
  • Lines are much more connected and continuous
  • Missions seem more clustered and organized along imaginary axis on mat
We’ll discuss and analyze how this new mat presents new challenges and may redirect our development efforts.


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