Summer Training Recap

beach-summer-end-web-370x229Congrats on a long and well executed summer FLL season.  This should make our fall season much more sane and manageable as we enter the school season with:

First Week of June:  1 week (6hr/day, 30 hours) programming:  LEGO Mindstorms Programming, Scratch online programming, App Inventor programming for Android Smart Phone, Roblox online game programming, JavaScript and introduction to more advanced 3D game programming via Unity

Second Week of June:  1 week (6hr/day, 30 hours) research, innovation and entrepreneurship including sussing out good from bad ideas, business plans, financial analysis, mathematical modeling, marketing/sales, back of the napkin estimation, etc

June – August:  This summer we mostly met as 2 separate groups meeting twice a week in total:  Robot Challenge and Research Project.  At approximately (2) 1.5 hr meetings per week for approximately 10 weeks that leaves us with a total of 2 meetings/wk * 10 wks * 1.5 hrs/meeting = 30 hours in regular meetings.  We had a couple weeks with 4 meetings/week, the robot team actually met for more 2 hours often and JP had a few video conferences from Costa Rica outside normal meeting hours.


With our approximately 100 hours of preparation this summer we’ve accomplished:

Robotic Challenge:  building most of our basic reusable MyBlocks needed to navigate our mat along with a logical multi-level hierarchy of nesting that allows up to decompose complex problems into basic programming tasks.

Research Project:  we cycled through 3 basic business ideas and exhaustively brainstormed, researched and outlined each from a variety of legal, regulatory, financial, technical, usability, marketing/sales and other perspectives.  We’ve researched, identified and contacted a number of domain experts in our initial research and have several more leads to reach out to.  We enter the fall with a pretty solid idea that we can more confidently execute upon given the knowledge we gained from our previous experience.

Next week, with the start of school, we’ll take a break as everyone confirms their new fall schedules.  As a reward for all our hard work this summer, we’ll likely face a more sane and enjoyable Fall FLL season.  Good work guys.good-job-picard


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