T-18 days to FLL Launch


The official 2015-2016 FIRST LEGO League Trash Trek challenge will be revealed at noon on Tuesday, August 25th.  Although we’ve put in a lot of work this summer to lay the foundations for a successful and less-stressful fall FLL season, this announcement will allow us to hone our work, especially on our Research Project.

Here is an email blast from FLL that dropped into my inbox today to update everyone on the upcoming FLL launch date:



“We have to be aware of waste in order to make the right decisions. If you can be educated at nine, you can make a difference at nine.”
– TRASH TREKSM Challenge Advisory Team member Jean Soltys, Director of Environmental Compliance, Clean Harbors Environmental Services



Like you, we are eagerly awaiting the Global Challenge release at noon ET on Tuesday, Aug. 25.


Rumor has it

The buzz around headquarters is that the Robot Rules have been on a diet this summer.


Tell me more!

Sorry, that’s all you get before the big reveal! In the meantime, there are some great video projects you can work on while you wait for those all-important Project parameters and Robot Game Missions, Rules and Field Setup.



Cool contest alert

FIRST is looking for a brand new way to reach others outside of our community! Since parody is the sincerest form of flattery, we want you to re-create your favorite song — FIRST style! Check it out: http://www.usfirst.org/roboticsprograms/2015-video-parody


Guessing game

Let’s not forget about this great contest that allows your team to predict what missions our Robot Game might include.


The greater good
Did you record any of your judging sessions last season? Your video could help train our volunteer judges! Help us help them! Please upload your video and send the link to flljudge@usfirst.org by Aug. 14. 



Who learned how to use a sensor for your Robot this week? Take a bow!

Who took a field trip to decide on possible Project ideas? Pat yourselves on the back!

Who found a way to incorporate Core Values into your team meetings? A standing ovation to you!

Tell us all about your team’s summer activities and achievements with a tweet to @firstlegoleagueShout-out to @MetalandSoul for sharing team member Noah’s awe-inspiring ‘do. We call that a most definitely ‘do!



Check out how a former FLL Global Innovation Semi-Finalist team, the Robot Rights of Dublin, Ohio, USA, has been sharing their love of FIRST LEGO League with an awesome YouTube video they created about FLL. Pass it on to your friends who might be wondering what FLL is all about.  (Hint: It’s not the hokey pokey.) It’s not too late for them to start or join a team!


Remind me again…

The Robot Rights were among 20 teams invited to St. Louis this past April to present their Project idea to a panel of judges in pursuit of the FLL Global Innovation Award, presented by XPRIZE. They created Math Magic, a trading card game, to help kids learn math in a fun and interesting way for their FLL WORLD CLASS(SM) Project. As part of their FLL Global Innovation honors, the Robot Rights became official Innovation Ambassadors. Their video shows they take that charge seriously and still have loads of fun. We’re glad they will be returning to compete in TRASH TREK this year.



We are all a little sad that hitchBOT’s journey came to an unfortunate end in Philadelphia.


This is why the world needs more Gracious Professionals like you.


Why this would never happen to a FIRST LEGO League robot

They don’t have to hitch a ride. They are autonomous. That means they can drive themselves. Future, we are in you!



We couldn’t do this season without the incredible support of our FIRST® LEGO® League Global Sponsors. Three cheers for 3M, NI, Rockwell Automation, and, of course, LEGO®!



This email blast is exploding into cyberspace from FIRST® Headquarters in the millyard of Manchester, NH, USA. Keep your eyes peeled for news and messages from your regional FIRST LEGO League contacts.




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