Catch Ohio FIRST teams at World Championships

2014-FRC-Confetti shotFrom an email from the Ohio FIRST Organization:

Next week is the FIRST World Championships/World Festival. We have 24 teams, 8 Deans List Finalist and an FLL Global Innovation Award Nominee representing Ohio.   If you would like to tune in and watch log on to:

 Here is a list of competing teams (from Ohio):

FRC (13 Teams)

 #             Name                                    Hometown                         Division

 3193       Falco Tech                           Austintown, OH                 Curie

 144         The R.O.C.K                        Cincinnati, OH                    Carver

4028       The Beak Squad               Cincinnati, OH                    Carson

120         Cleveland’s Team             Cleveland, OH                   Curie

3324       The Metrobots                 Columbus, OH                   Carver

3266       Robots-R-Us                      Eaton, OH                            Hopper

379         RoboCats                             Girard, OH                           Curie

128         The Botcats                        Grandview Heights, OH Carver

5418       The Sonic Screwdrivers Hubbard, OH                      Newton

5413       Stellar Robotics                 Mansfield, OH                   Hopper

5667       Team AIR                             New Albany, OH               Archimedes

2399       Fighting Unicorns             Shaker Heights, OH         Tesla

48           Delphi E.L.I.T.E.                 Warren, OH                        Tesla

FTC (6 Teams)

#             Team Name                       Hometown         Division

4251       Cougar Robotics               Columbus, OH   Edison

6022       TBD                                        Aurora, OH         Edison

6987       Hat Trix                                 Granville, OH     Edison

4530       Infinite Resistance           Cincinnati, OH    Franklin

5140       WACO Aerobotics            Troy, OH              Franklin

6133       The “NUTS!”                      Cincinnati, OH    Franklin

FLL (2 Teams)

#             Name                                    Hometown

2071       LEGO Squad                       Warren, OH

3566       Lightning Trampolines    Springboro, OH

Jr.FLL (3 Teams)

#             Name                                                    Hometown

1655       Everything is Awesome!               Batavia, OH

2779       The Master Fire Builders               Washington Courthouse, OH

681         Masterminds                                     Waynesville, OH

FRC Deans List Finalists

#             Team Name                       Student Name                  Hometown

1014       Bad Robot                           Deepthi Thumuluri          Columbus, OH

3138       Innovators Robotics        Colleen Fulton                   Dayton, OH

4611       O-Zone                                 Liz Halter                              Lewis Center, OH

4611       O-Zone                                 Thomas VanFossen         Lewis Center, OH

FTC Deans List Finalists

#             Team Name       Student Name                  Hometown

5029       Powerstackers  Pedro Campos                  Englewood, OH

6987       Hat Trix                 Cameron Richards           Granville, OH

7078       STEMBotics         Colleen Fulton                   Dayton, OH

7947       DECAbotz            Damon Alexander           Dayton, OH

FLL Global Innovation Award Nominee 

#             Team Name       Hometown         Product

436         Robot Rights      Dublin, OH          Math Magic


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