Automation – Even Dogs Aren’t Safe

We talked last year how technologies like automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are eliminating many jobs that humans used to do like cashiers, drivers and secretaries.  Although new technologies create new jobs, the number of new jobs created (eg big data analyst) are far fewer than the old jobs (eg data entry) eliminated and new jobs are a great deal more cognitively demanding.

Manufacturing_DataManufacturing technology helps eliminate jobs while boosting productivity


The potential for a high-tech largely jobless future is a big concern for economist.  Some are envisioning a future where governments may have to pay everyone a Universal Basic Income to stave off growing inequality, large-scale human suffering and civic unrest.  Similar programs have even been piloted on a small scale in the US.

sheepdogNot even man’s best friend is immune from being rendered redundant via technological progress.  Witness Shep the Drone – a first clumsy attempt at herding sheep via an aeral drone:


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