Game Design and Gamefication

gamification_image_for_blogFor our FLL Trash Trek Research Project this year the two related but distinct fields of game design and gamification may play a role in our ultimate solution.  Gamification is bit overhyped these days and many poorly thought out implementations serve as warning signs for us and comic gold for Dilbert.

Independent of the technical aspect of game programming, there is a higher level aspect of game design that we should explore involving the fields of Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Design, Narrative, etc.  Many of these disparate fields come together in creating a successful gamification product.

gamification_human_drives( Gamification tapping into basic human desires )

Gamification( Another take on the Psychology of Game Design – Need to Zoom )

gamification_octagon( Gamification is the confluence of a wide range of design considerations )


gamification-sketch( A SXSW Sketch about the Gamification process )

Social-Loyalty-Framework ( Some of the Technical Components to consider in Gamification )

Finally, here are some interesting documents that describe gamification of Health Apps that serve as examples of what we can think of with regards to our own solution to the Trash Trek Project this fall:

Designing Games for the Apps for Healthy Kids Competition

Innovation in Games and Better Healthcare

Design Principles for the Conceptualization of Games for Health Behavior Change

From Game Design Elements to Gamefulness: Defining “Gamification”

Does One Size Fit All? Personalizing Persuasive Games for Health by Gamer Types


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