Introducing your New FLL Assistant Coach

( Intro to the Best Boxing Movie of All Time  )

Introducing first, our new Assistant Head Coach in the red corner.  He hails from the mean streets on the northern shores of Chicago and is rated by many as one of the best pound for pound poets and puppeteers of the last decade to hail from the Windy City.  With 52 wins, 38 of them coming by the way of knockout, and only 4 defeats. he is, the former middleweight champion, former, super middle weight champioin, former light heavyweight champion, and former HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION BON-MOT OF GAMBIER VILLAGE.

Version 2.0 of the Gambier GigaFlops is rapidly taking form. When I registered our team on September 29th last year I made my first post to this blog on the same day to start documenting our rookie season.  The hope was that it will serve as a guide and template for future rookie FLL teams/coaches locally and beyond.  We are now 120 posts later (plus 30 in draft form) and have succeeded by virtually every metric I had laid out last August when I started recruiting.

In the last three weeks since our State Championship, we’ve completed my original goal of spinning out another FLL team as well as finding local financial support and a non-profit home base.  Our old Assistant Coach Jason Hughes will lead that effort as the Head Coach of a new FLL team he will start within the Knox County 4H meeting at the SPIspot downtown.  They will enjoy the volunteer and financial support of the Ariel Corporation and the Ariel Foundation.

I will continue to lead and principally finance our original Gambier GigaFlops team as a community-based organization.  In the past few weeks, we have acquired two new team members, an Assistant Coach and a new Global Outreach focus.  Mr. Phil Brooks will join our FLL team as our new Assistant Coach starting this Spring when we begin training at our new multimillion dollar high-altitude Olympic-class facility in Gambier.  In addition, his son Felix Brooks-Quijada will join the Gambier GigaFlops as will Jean-Pierre who will travel between the US and Costa Rica starting with our Spring/Summer training hopefully.

With these off-season acquisitions, our team takes on a distinct International and Latin flavor which opens new opportunities for everyone which I’ll detail in future blog posts here.

( Be warned, Coach Brooks Demands 110% Effort )


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