The Future of FIRST LEGO League in Our Community

yeast_buddingLast December, Assistant Coach Jason expressed the desire to start his own team.  This will help us:

* bring the team down to a more manageable size

* allow more kids to work on the Project and Robot (ideally 2 kids/robot)

* correct some of the major learning obstacles of our first season

* train up more Assistant Coaches to disseminate FIRST LEGO League teams locally

Between us, Jason currently has one eV3 kit and I have two eV3 kits with which to seed new teams.  With 2 or 3 kids per robot and 2 or 3 kids per project, that currently allows us to field two FLL teams of up to 4-6 kids (Jason) and 6-9 kids (Jon).  I’ve purchased materials and built a new portable competition robot board and Jason took the old one.

I will continue with the community-based Gambier GigaFlops FFL team #13840 that I founded this year.  Jason will spin off a new FFL team within a new 4H club called the Knox County Robotics Club.

Our team recruited for new 4H members at our recent STEMfest exhibition, and Jason said he may have more interested kids.  Jason and I have met with the Arial Foundation and 4H to raise funds and we should hear soon the outcome of those meetings.  If Arial funds the 4H Club, Jason’s team will probably regularly teach LEGOs with at the local SPISpot downtown.  My Gambier GigaFlops team will focus our efforts on a Global Outreach effort to Costa Rica in Central America.

Current team members can choose to join either my existing Gambier GigaFlops FLL team (Beckett and Mateo) or Jason’s new 4H Knox County Robotics Club (Makenna and Spencer).  Both teams should be comparably priced and will meet and train separately starting as soon as this Spring.  Jason’s 4H team will either meet at the 4H/OSU Extension Office behind Columbia Elementary or at the 4H building across from KFC.  My Gambier GigaFlops team will meet either at my house or nearby.

We’ll both register our teams this August when FIRST LEGO League registration opens for the new season.  I am hoping that with several robots, off-season training/preparation and a better organized and more efficient use of our meeting time we can generally limit our team meetings to only one 2 hour meeting per week during the fall/winter FLL season.


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