Ohio State Championship Tournament – Photo Essay

Snaps from our State Tournament at Wright State University in Dayton:

Team_and_Mascot_webGambier GigaFlops ( + Lucky Mascot) in Formation


Team_webGambier GigaFlops Lineup


Programming_webDavid and Solvi Working Late the Night Before Competition

     Hotel_Hack_webThe n-th Trail Run on the Robot Arm Mission

Hotel_Looks_Good_on_Paper_webEverything Looks Good for a Personal Best (on Paper)

Hotel_Robot_Arm_webThe Team Solves the Robot Arm (in the Hotel Room)

Project_webJudging Room Presentations Go Very Well

Stir_Crazy_webExcess Energy the Night Before the Robot Competition


The Competition Floor

Devin_Jon_web        Devin and Jon Working the Floor

Robot_Rond2_Checkin_web  Registering for a Robot Round on the Table

Robot_Round1_webLet the Robot Games Begin !

Robot_Round2_webBlow by Blow Commentary by the MC at our Table

Robot_Round3_Judge_webConferring with the Table Judge

Robot_Round1_Jumbotron_webGambier GigaFlops on the Jumbotron

Robot_Trial1_Disappoint_webThe Best Laid Plans of Men

Robot_Alliance_webThe Very Fun 3-team Alliance Competition

Robot_Round3_webWe Still Love You FlopBotZilla

Leader_Board_webThe Bar is Set for Next Year

Brickheads_webBrickHeads Garner an Award

Closing_Nerves_web    Award Ceremony Nerves

Winners_Circle_webE.P.I.C. Trophy Winners

FLL_State_Team_webThe Official Trading Card Photo


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