Ohio FIRST LEGO League State Tournament Details



Team Information Packet (Maps, General Schedule and all other Details)


Tournament Website (Forms and Schedules)





February 7 & 8, 2015

Ervin J. Nutter Center

Wright State University;  3640 Colonel Glenn Highway; Dayton, Ohio 45435


The Holiday Inn in Fairborn supports the FLL Ohio State Championship and also has offered us a generous discount package for teams.  Instead of the regular rate of $117.95, the rate for Ohio FLL teams will be $85. Additionally, the regular fee for their deluxe hot breakfast buffet will be waived for Ohio FLL teams and participants staying as guests. Our contact at the hotel is Matt Pauley and he can be reached at 937-431-4611.



So far I have had oral confirmations from everyone that they can attend the State Tournament.  If you cannot, please let me know immediately so I can change our registration and we can adjust our presentations accordingly.


TIMS:  Online registration of team roster

WAIVER/RELEASE:  Please hand back to me signed

TECHNICAL:  Lab Notebook, Code Printout, RDES


Gambier GigaFlops (aka GigaBytes/GigaBites)
Assigned to Pit #45


Saturday (Judging Session – run consecutively 15min per with 5 min break in-between):
noon Registration – Please be on time, this will be our only real time to practice as a team before judging begins.
All Judging sessions run consecutively at 15min in length with 5min break in-between.
12:50 Core Value
1:10 Robot
1:40 Project
2:00 Done
Afternoon – work and practice on Robot for Sunday

Sunday Robot Competition: (This will be an early morning) ,
6:30 Pits Open
7:15 Coaches Meeting
8:00 Opening Ceremony
10-10:05 Practice Table
10:40-10:45 Round 1 Robot
11:20 Round 2 Robot
11:50-12:40 FLL Lunch Open
2:00 Round 3 Robot
2:30 Alliance (3 Team) Competition
3:30 Closing Ceremony


No outside food allowed in the arena.  Here is an email I received regarding the lunch situation:

Also, Katie and I have been working to get information about concessions.
We’ve especially been trying to address some of the concerns coaches and
parents have expressed from last year. I’m going to give you the information
that I know as of today.  There should be two concession stands open with
one on the stadium floor in the pit area for FLL teams and then stand #3,
Wolf Pizza will be open on the concourse level. Both should be open from
8-3:30 with coffee being available before 8.

Here’s the menu we’ve confirmed:

$6.50 personal pizzas (cheese or pepperoni)
Price TBD – Veggie Wraps
$4.00  Hot Dogs
$4.50  Brats
$0.75 Add Kraut
$6.00  Chili Cheese Dog
$4.50 Nachos with Cheese
$1.25 Add Chili
$4.00 Pretzel
$1.25 Add Cheese
$4.00 Popcorn
$1.00 Fruit

$2.50 Coffee
$3.50 Bottled soda and water
$4.00 Gatorade

Please share this with the parents of your team members.  Remind them that
outside food is not permitted and that there is a window of time blocked for
lunch (11:50-12:40) and many options nearby. If they choose to pack a cooler
or bring items from home, they will need to eat outside.



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