LEGOLAND Florida and the Mindstorms Lab

legoland_gateWe spent Christmas in Florida and made another trip to LEGOLAND near Orlando.  Our FLL season at the start of October and have had a baptism by fire introduction to LEGO Mindstorms, so we were eager to checkout the 45min class at their Mindstorms Lab.  If you go, be sure to signup early in the day for robot classes at the gate as spaces are limited.

Given that the class was open to the general public, we were surprised by the skill and aptitude of the other kids in the class with us.  After a short tutorial, the instructors set us loose on our own laptops and mini-mission tables which was refreshing after sharing one robot & table among 9 kids all season.

Here are some snaps of the lab and class.  There are many good ideas to borrow in planning our own ideal robotics class.

lego_imaginarium_STEM( STEM – What it’s all about )

lego_imaginarium_lab( A Well Laid Out Lab Space )

lego_imaginarium_mission1( Custom Mission Models Around Florida’s NASA Connection )

lego_imaginarium_attachment2( A Variety of non-Trivial Attachments )

lego_imaginarium_build_test_repeat( Independent Workstations )

lego_imaginarium_teo_beck_programming ( Programming The Missions )lego_imaginarium_table_time( Anticipation and Adjustments under Time Pressure )lego_imaginarium_parallel_work   ( Adjustments and Anticipation with a Little Help from Nic at the Laptop )

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