Congrats on Districts and Onward to State !!!

Congrats to everyone – you did a bang up job Saturday.  Relax and savor your accomplishment for we will be back into the breech within 4 weeks for State.  Details to follow.

Here is a photo essay of our day in Dublin

 Awards_Audience (1)Opening Ceremony

Judging_Power_Stance (1)Awaiting A Morning Judging Session

Opening_Team_Introduction (1)Opening Ceremony Team Introduction on Stage

Opening_The_Waiting (1)Trey Cannot Wait for the Games to Begin

Opening_The_Pledge (1)Opening Ceremony:  The Pledge

Opening_The_Beard (1)Solvi as Epic Beard Man

Opening_Informal_Teambuilding (1)Nervous Energy before Opening Ceremony

Round0_Attachment_Switch (1)Practice Round Changing Attachments

Round0_Lost_on_Mat (1)Table Time to Fix Issues

Round0_Jumble_Box (1)An Attachment Lost in the Jumble Box

Round0_Fun_Anxiety (1)Making Your Own Fun While Waiting In The Bullpen

Round0_Concern (1)More Troubles back at the Practice Table

Round0_Queuing_Up (1)Team Minus Head Coach (behind camera)

Round0_Practice_Practice_Table (1)One More Tiny Adjustment

Round0_Nope (1)If At First, Second, Third,… You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try, Try…  Again

Round0_Soccer_Shot (1)The Team Waits to See if Fix Worked With Baited Breath

Round0_Will_It (1)Trial By Fire

Round0_Table_Clarifications (1)Practice Round on the Big Stage

Round0_Touch_Penalty (1)A Touch Penalty on the Practice Table

Round0_Adding_Up (1) Practice Round – Major malfunctions earning only 35 points!Opening_Unibrow (1)Solvi as Epic Unibrow Man

Round0_Will_Soccer_Score (1)Just Can’t Find our Robot Groove

Round1_Attachments (1)Team Bonding Under Adversity

Round1_Flurry (1)Working It Out TogetherRound1_Hallway (1)Squeezing Every Productive Second Between Robot RoundsRound1_Hope (1)A Rare Thumbs Up from Solvi

Round1_If_I_just_Push_This (1)Jon Giving FlopBotZilla 2.0 Good JuJuRound1_Team_Lineup (1)Team in Position for Round 1

Round1_Ref_Explains (1)Round 1 JudgingRound1_Score_60 (1)A Very Frustrating 65 Point Round 1 puts us in 27th PlaceRound1_Serious_Doubts (1)Perseverance under Pressure  Round1_There (1)Trey Thinks He Found The Problem Round2_At_Table (1)  Trey and Solvi during Round 2Round2_Mic (1)Team Interview on StageRound2_Programming (1)Solvi Thinks Best in his Toadbun CapRound2_Scoring (1)Round 2 Judge Making a Close Call on the Cloud MissionRound3_Inbetween (1)Solvi Hacks AwayRound3_Killer_Panda (1)Mateo with Either a Toothache or Brain-Eating PandaRound3_Missing_Something (1)The Solution is on the Tip of Solvi’s ChinRound3_Stuck_Again (1)A Grandville Wizard Lends some Psychic EnergyRound3_Tuning (1)But Can FlopBotZilla Navigate back to Base?

Awards_Goatee (1)Solvi as Epic Stash Man at AwardsAwards_Medals (1)Official Encouragement with each MedalAwards_Swag (1)The Swag


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