Contraptions at SPI Spot thru Jan 24th


Check out the traveling exhibition on vintage contraptions in Mt. Vernon sponsored by SPI Spot.  There are some interesting exhibits of antique mechanisms dating as far back as the 1800s.

See if you can find gears and other mechanisms that we use in FLL or that could potentially be useful.  Two items of interest are:

1) Commerical apple peelers/corers from the 1800s

Notice the bevel gears to translate rotational motion between perpendicular planes as well as the unique notched teeth and slots that translate simple linear motion into a rotational and then lifting motion.

2) Egg weighing art piece

Try to spot the partial bevel gear and scalloped gear positioned along the main drive axel such that they time rotational and perpendicular motion in a coordinated fashion.

To better enjoy the exhibit, try to bring a copy of the online guide that asks a number of questions about each display.  The online maintenance manual gives you a deeper understanding of how to operate, maintain and fix each of the exhibits.

As an aside, this exhibit represents an interesting intersection between technology and art.  The creator of the exhibit, Clifford Wagner, is a craftsman, artist, designer and science aficionado.

Last year the Gund Gallery at Kenyon hosted a number of kinetic art works.  This type of art, technology and design fusion is becoming a more mainstream form of art.  Our experience with FLL should help you better understand, appreciate and even enable you to create your own kinetic art.



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