One Step Closer to the Singularity with an eV3 kit

terminatorI came across the article below about replicating a 1mm worm’s brain in an eV3 robot, and it reminded me of a seminal article written by Bill Joy 15 years ago titled “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us“.  In the article, Joy warns how new technologies like robotics, genetic engineering and nanotechnology could render continued human existence as our technological creations surpass us in every way.



Are we on the brink of creating artificial life? Scientists digitise the brain of a WORM and place it inside a robot

  • The OpenWorm global project is making a ‘digital’ worm
  • Their project is recreating the neurons and cells in C. elegans
  • It is the simplest organism we know of but has similarities to humans
  • By making a digital worm the team hope to create artificial life
  • They have implanted the digital ‘mind’ of the worm into a Lego machine
  • In a video it acts and behaves just like the worm would in the real world
  • Next year the team will allow people to download their own digital worm


Six years later after his article above Joy took a softer stance at his TED talk in 2006, but he clearly he has a strong basis for concern.  Now, about 15 years after Joy’s article was published in Wired, we now have robots that can target and kill humans without human intervention and a growing information infrastructure that can track, record and analyze every movement, activity and even thought of nearly every individual (not to mention genetic engineering and nanotechnology). singularity-graph


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