Meeting Schedule until Jan 10th Tournament


I and a few others have slightly new schedules starting this month.  I’ve been trying to sort out times we can all meet, but it has been difficult as everyone is over scheduled.  Apologies for the delay in firming our meeting times up.

We have less than a month before our Dublin Jan 10th tournament and 2 weeks will be vacation we’ll have to plan around.  Here is the calendar for the Mt. Vernon City Schools for December and January.  We basically have 3 working weeks to meet before Dublin.


The best times that our Assistant Coach Jason Hughes and I can meet are:

* Wednesday 6-8pm

* Sundays 6-8pm

If you can make at least one of these two times – please let me know via email.  Also, please confirm via email that your child can attend our Saturday, Jan 10th Dublin, OH tournament (or not) so we can have backup plans in place for missing members.

Given the late hours, we’ll have to meet at my house.  However, we’ll only hold practices if both Jason and I can be present to supervise and productively lead the team.  Our main tasks to accomplish by Jan 10th are:

* Rebuild and reprogram FlopBot with eV3 hardware and software

* Update our technical documentation (Robot Design Exec Summary & Code Printouts)

* Incorporate a new but seamless creative/innovative element into our Project

* Practice our Project Presentation and redesign more decentralized skit

* Update our posters

* Train backups for key roles

* Disseminate programming and project knowledge for team members who weren’t able to focus on these in the run-up to our first tournaments.  Most of this information is posted to our blog for your review/catch-up and we covered some robot design and code for our old NXT FlopBot yesterday.


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