Prep for Regional Tournament in FOUR weeks

Grandview Heights MiddleSchool

We have our Regional Tournament in only four week’s time at the Edison Intermediate/Larry Larson Middle School in Grandview Heights.  We are in one of the earlier rounds and organizers try to woo teams to register for these events by slightly more teams to advance to the next round (30%).

You can find a pre-tournament checklist at the website:

Here are highlights of the paperwork we are expected to prepare for the tournament:

1) Online consent form (Trey is the only one not accounted for)

2) Team Information Sheet

3) Core Values Poster

4) Robot Design Executive Summary

Here are some questions all team members will be expected to answer in the Core Value Judging Session:

• Explain how your team demonstrates each of the FLL Core Values. Please use clear, concrete examples in your essay.
• Discuss your teamwork. Items to consider in your discussion: leadership roles, division of tasks, conflict resolution, problem solving, etc.
• Explain the role of the coaches and mentors on your team. Items to consider in your discussion: How has your coach or mentor influenced the team? Is your coach a good teacher? How do the kids make decisions? How does the team demonstrate its independence? What are some things your coached learned from you?
• Explain how your team is able to balance the competitive need to win with the ability to have fun and to embrace other teams in a spirit of friendship, whether your team wins an award or not.
• Explain what Gracious Professionalism® means to your team and give examples of how your team displays Gracious Professionalism® to each other and to others
• Give examples of your outreach. You may draw your examples from your research project and/or from outreach you have done on behalf of the FIRST® LEGO® League program. Explain an idea or a plan that you have for promoting FIRST® in your community.

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