Demo Day: See One, Do One, Teach One


That’s how they roll in medical school and so shall we.

Now that we’ve begun learning about First LEGO League (FLL), Robotics, Programming, Mechanics, and Original STEM Research Projects, it’s our turn to share our enthusiasm and insights with our community.  Community outreach is an important mission and demonstrates FLL Core Values.

Introducing, the first-ever Knox County First LEGO League Demo Day!

fll_2014_openhouse( Poster by Beckett Pechon-Elkins )


We’ll have two 30 minute sessions.  The first, 11-11:30am will be a closed session for the Gambier Community Child Care Center with upto 30 preschoolers and upto 20 K-5th graders.  The second, 11:30-noon will be an open session for the public of all ages.

Both sessions will follow the same rough outline worked out by Beckett:

(1) (3 min) Introduce our Team

(2) (3 min) What is First LEGO League?

(3) (7 min/5min) Introduce Technic Building System, Demo Simple/Complex Machine Examples

(4) (8 min) Introduce our Robot and Competition, Demo Programming and Mission

(5) (5min/7 min) Introduce our Research Project, Demo Software?

(6) (time permitting) Q & A

In first closed session there will be mostly preschoolers, so they will probably be less interested in our more abstract Research Project and more interested in the concrete touch-feel aspects of the technic machine examples and robot.  In the second closed session, we’ll hopefully have older kids with more patience who can appreciate our Research Project so we’ll allocate more time to it.

We’ve got a lot of learning to cram in before Demo Day, but we’re starting to get all our bases covered.

UPDATE:  It turns out Christian Star Academy once fielded FLL team in the year 2007.  We will still be the first community-based FLL team that is open to all members of the area including homeschoolers, middle schoolers, and elementary kids from different schools and potentially private schoolers as well as public school kids.  This is the one big advantage of the community-based model for FLL teams and a reason why it is so popular.


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