Research Project: Knox County Historical Society Museum

A good part of our team visited the Museum of the Knox County Historical Society after choir practice this evening (the museum has non-standard hours).

We were there to learn about our local history and get primary source information and feedback on our FLL Research Project.  With clipboards in hand and pages of questions, we have a lot of information to share with the team.  In addition, we have about another half dozen or so primary sources to reach out to so get ready to stretch some shoe-leather.

Here are about 9,000 words worth of pictures:

sign( A Night at the Museum )

1800s_robot( First LEGO League robot circa 1800s )

cooper_bessemer_map( Mt Vernon engineers built bridges and engines for the continent )

early_jet_engine( Retired Rolls Royce Engineer explaining a Jet Engine similar to ones he worked on )

geo_washington( Our gracious host and Museum Director, Mr. James Gibson )

maps_boys( If only everything could be presented in map form )

news_archives( Kids are shocked to learn information was stored on PAPER ! )

ppg_glass_factory( No Aeron chairs on the Old Pittsburgh Plate Glass Factory Floor )

  time_capsule ( 1805 Time Capsule to be Opened when these kids are eligible for AARP )

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