LEGO Technic Gears


Gears are mesmerizing works of art:

Gears will be an integral part of our robot solution and will be one of the more fun components we’ll work with to distribute power from motors along axels, change planes of rotation via bevel gears, convert between torque and speed by gearing up and down, etc.  I’ve exhaustively searched the LEGO part catalog and ordered a wide variety of gears of all shapes and sizes as well as axles of all lengths/types, gear boxes, differentials, and other supporting pieces.

Here is a good overview of common gears in the LEGO technic building system and how to use them:

And here is an example of a several complex gear system used to create a technic model of a mobile crane (Mobile Crane MKII):


Although it may not play a direct role in our robot solution, here is a great explanation of how differential gears work in your car.  This is a complex gear design and one that is hard to grasp without great visuals and hands the on experience of FLL ( start viewing at about 2:00 ):



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