Robot Chassis Design

Compared to the FLL Robot Competition in previous years, this year is much more difficult because the individual missions are more difficult and the mat is much more crowded with irregular pathways and lines to maneuver.  One mission, Changing Conditions (the 90 degree rotating gate) actually blocks any robot from passing on one or the other side of it.

As we discussed, a smaller robot will have a big advantage with more maneuverability and ability to better align with walls, lines and missions.  For example, we have to sneak in and align to a very short wall segment to align to the Cloud and Community Tree missions.

Check out this design that stacks the NXT brick over the wheel motors to narrow the robot chassis.


Solvi is leading our robot chassis design/build.  Since we need a final design of our base robot (minus the attachments) to begin implementing and testing our final solutions this is a priority.  If possible, Solvi may come an hour earlier on Tuesday to help work out the main design and build it for us.  The rest of the team should be designing solutions for their assigned missions which we’ll start building and testing out with the robot chassis.


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