Week 5 Status and Homework

Our order for 2 light sensors arrived on Saturday, but the supplier screwed up the order and we’re at least another week away before replacements could arrive from the alternate suppliers.

This happens all the time in real life too, so we’ll go with what we have.  We’ll have to put off our final design and work with the one color sensor we have in a temporary robot design to explore programming our missions.

We’ve discussed our robot chassie, overall design and programming missions a lot.  There are a lot of resources listed on our blog, but the best single book for FLL I’ve found is:  “Winning Design!  LEGO Mindstorms NXT” by James L. Trobaugh.  Solvi and David as leads should especially take a look at this book:


If you have time and want to learn more advanced programming, look for “Winning LEGO Mindstorms Programming” by James J. Trobaugh and Mannie Lowe.

The one area the books above lacks is building and programming mission-specific attachments which is where the creative element is greatest.  Mr. Hughes showed us several YouTube videos yesterday that show some great solutions for prior FLL missions and ideas we can borrow from:

1) FLL Senior Solution 615 (Elegant simplicity)

Simple large front lift attachments with even simplier axel sub-attachements to solve a variety of missions.

2) Vienna Robots TubBot (4yr vets with State award winning robot)

A long 25min video of a more elaborate robot we could borrow ideas from.  The presentation starts off a little slow, but by minute 2 she hits a stride and discussed a lot of the thinking behind design their decisions.  This high-level explanation is what FLL judges will expect from everyone on our team.

I’ve listed a number of programming links before in this blog which you can find by searching for “programming”.  The Vienna Robots team also posted a few fast paced YouTube videos on FLL programming challenges and decisions that are great because they discuss the exactly same problems we face in our programming.

Introduction to Variable Blocks in NXT-G Programming

Introduction to Making and Using Variable Blocks in NXT-G for FLL

Proportional Line Follower:

These are pretty advanced videos.  You may have to first go through some fundamental videos on NXT-G programming on the link I provided before:  http://nxt-g-programming-for-fll-coaches.readthedocs.org/en/latest/.


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