HOT OF THE PRESS: Mini Maker Faire @ COSI Tomorrow 10am-5pm

hot off the press

The mailman just dropped this into my electronic mailbox with the morning paper:

One of the Midwest’s largest Mini Maker Faires will be held tomorrow 10am-5pm @ COSI in Columbus.

I’ve taken the liberties provided under Fair Use Copyright Laws to update a poster and demystify what this golden ticket promises.


I know it’s last minute, but I’d like to make a field trip out of this for whoever can make it.  We’ll be driving down to COSI after Beckett is done with soccer at 12:30/1pm and I have minivan seats for 2 or 3 more.  We’ll probably arrive at COSI around 2/2:30pm If anyone wants to join our little roadtrip ping me ASAP.  A couple of promising events:

2-3pm – 2nd round aerial drone battle in 22’x18′ cage

3-3:30 – Guppy Tank, watch how to make a tech/startup business pitch

3:30-4 – Power Tool Drag Racing on 75′ track

4-5pm – Final of the aerial drone battle

There will also be demonstrations of robotics like arduinos, 3D printers, and other First LEGO League teams showing off their mad skillz.

With today’s fusion of technology and design, affordable 3D printers, free open source software, Moore’s Law incessantly driving down costs, better means to locate and network every skill anywhere in the world and kickstarter-like funding, the ability to realize almost any innovative product or service is open to the masses.  These meetups have really taken off and are held all over the world now.

This official Maker iteration was started while I was back in the Bay Area by the tech publisher O’Reilly in the outback of Northern California.  It’s ancestry traces back to the original HAM operator and home brew computer clubs.  Think of a mashup of hippie, hipster, geek and nerd culture although popularized for the general public.  I cannot vouch for this particular confab, but it would be relevant to our FLL team’s work and could be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


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