Team Logo and T-Shirt Design, Version 2.0

We need to finalize our Logo and T-shirt design in the next week or two.  Someone mentioned they know of a good T-shirt shop, but I called the local T-Shirt Express to get immediate ball park figures for costs and lead times involved.

Minimum run: 12 (any size under XL/XXL) – We would need 2 adults and 10 youths

T-shirt material:  Heavy weight 100% cotton or 50/50 blend


Front Only 1 color:  $8.40 per

Front only 2 colors: $10.65 per

Front only 3 colors: $12.85 per

Front 2 colors/Back 1 color:  $14.30

Art work: EPS vector format with known font or texted outlined

Minimum Lead Time: 2 weeks

Mackenna and Beckett have come up with ideas for a new and improved logo for our team.

Mackenna realized that our working logo was missing the visual concept of “giga” which means a billion or 1 followed by 9 zeros.  Last night Beckett sketched up some mascots for our logos using this idea and her original idea of a flip flop sandal.


 ( click on either image to enlarge )


Be sure to read the characters’ backstory and see if you catch the pun in Flora’s bio.

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