Team Role Assignments

Here are the roles we need to assign to spread the work around and best meet our expectations at the tournament in 7 weeks.  We’ll discuss, clarify and finalize by week’s end.

Work together with your team to carefully consider how you want to divide responsibilities. What would happen if someone had to leave the team or was sick on the day of the tournament? Would someone else be able to step in? Be sure to think through how this decision will affect the team as the season develops. Here are examples of the roles or sub-teams you may want to establish within your team:

* ResearchingMCKENNA gather information about the Challenge Research Project theme, related real-world problems, and existing solutions. Invite professionals to share their knowledge with the team.

* Community SharingSPENCER consider who in the community might be impacted by or interested in your team’s problem and arrange to share your findings with them.  Setup our demo day and contact other teams and companies to share knowledge and experience.  These will much of the substance of of Core Values Presentation, which accounts for 1/3 of our overall score.

* PresentingDEVON design a creative presentation to show the judges your team’s work on
the Research Project.  Here is an example of a Research Project presentation that was done several years ago for products designed to aid the elderly.

* Strategy AnalysisJON analyze the robot playing field and formulate various methods for accomplishing the missions which I explained in this blog post. Lead the effort to establish a consensus on the final strategic plan and think about risks and rewards of different strategies.  Take ownership of our core design document with copious annotations and have it ready to insert into our Engineering Design Notebook Mateo is keeping for the team.

* BuildingSOLVI & MAYES make decisions about building and work to form consensus on the mechanical design of the robot among team members.  Prototype various attachments and mechanical designs for the mission solutions we come up with.  You two seem to have taken the initiative at home and have a jump on the rest of the team in regard to researching YouTube videos, studying various mission attachments and building them.

* ProgrammingDAVID & TREY make decisions and implement our NXT-G programming and logically organize it into reusable blocks and printouts for our Engineering Notebook kept by Mateo.  You need to clearly understand and document our code and communicate/teach the others about how and why you programmed our robot the way you did.

* Project ManagementMATEO get everyone focused, make sure everyone’s ideas are heard, find compromises, and keep everyone on schedule with a timeline.  Engineering Design Notebook and Executive Summary.

* MarketingBECKETT design and create a team logo, T-shirt, and Presentation tri-folds for Core Values Presentation and our Research Project Presentation. Write a press release and contact the local media to increase public awareness of the team and how the team benefits from the FLL experience.

From the FLL Coaches Handbook (Chapter 2, pg 17):

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