Week #2 Agenda (7 Weeks until Tournament)

Since our FLL season is very short (8 weeks total and 1 down), this week we’ll be moving into programming our robot as well as designing our first robot attachments to solve a specific mission.

We’ll still overlap with our Design Phase which this week will consist primarily of analyzing the various missions, breaking them down by difficulty/type and grouping them into several distinct trip out of base solvable with multipurpose attachments.  This is akin to creating, detailing and ranking a Features Request list found in real-world product development documents.


– Team building exercises

– T-Shirt Design

– General Role Assignments

– Community Outreach


– Start Robot design notebook

– Recap Robot design points

– Characterize, classify and prioritize Robot Mission problems and solutions

– Analyze and develop Robot runs out of base

– Code up a robot solution to our first mission


– Solidify our Research Project

– Brainstorm to clarify project, resources, solution and execution

– Define and assign research

– Think about marketing angle and presentation style


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