Team Name and Logo

The team decided they liked the name “Gambier GigaFlops” for our team name today.  Now they need to come up with a bold visual logo to go with it on our team T-shirt.

Ideally, the logo would visually incorporate the ideas of:  (1) FLL, Lego, Robotics or some variant thereof, (2) Gambier, (3) GigaFlops or sense of bigness/processing power.  Have them brainstorm and google search for these key terms to get some ideas.

Examples of good FLL team logos:

FLL logo incredibots


FLL GSJSRoboticsLlamaLogo

The Giga- prefix means a billion or 1 x 10^9 (that’s a 1 with 9 zeros after it or a billion).  A “flop” is a unit of computing processing power or (FL)oating point (O)peration (P)er second.  In 2013, the Chinese Tianhe-2 set the current single CPU record of 33.86 PetaFlops (10^15).  The distributed record for networked computers working together to solve the mathematical geometry of protein folding is held by Folding@home at 43.1 PetaFlops.

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