Robot Game Mission Construction Assignments – HOMEWORK

CAUTION:  Please do not lose any of the pieces you receive this weekend.  These are special kits sold only to FLL teams and are no longer available now that team registration is closed.  Just one key missing piece could render a mission inoperable.

Our FLL Robot Game Field Kit arrived with our 4′ x 8′ mat and hundreds of Lego Technic pieces to construct our missions and supporting pieces.  You can find colorful step-by-step instructions in PDF format on the web page:

HOMEWORK: Here are the missions by bag & title and who is assigned to build them over the weekend. Bring them to our meeting on Tuesday (or Friday if you can’t make it on Tuesday).

Bag 1 (x 3) = Cloud – TREY

Bag 2 (x 4) = Screen and Camera – MATEO

Bag 3 (x5) = Box & Community Tree – MCKENNA & SPENCER

Bag 4 (x 3) = Door & Engagement – BECKETT

Bag 5 (x 3) = Changing Condition & Reverse Engineering – MATEO

Bag 6 (x 3) = Soccer, Knowledge Bits, People, Touch Penalties – DEVON

Bag 7 (x 2) = Robot Arm – SOLVI

Bag 8 (x 1) = Scale – MAYES

Bag 9 (x 2) = Search Engine – DAVID

Bag 10 (x 2) = Senses – JON

This will teach everyone some basics of building with Lego Technic pieces which is a very different animal and more complex than using typical Lego bricks.  We’ll need these skills to understand how to build our Robot.


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