HOMEWORK:  Read/skim the wikipedia definition of “Education” at:  Also, read the 3.5 page description of our Project at:


The FLL Research Project on World Education (1/3 of our overall learning/scoring goals) is a bit difficult to describe.

It’s like a mashup of traditional science fair, STEM product/service development and good marketing/presentation.

(1) STARTUP:  The team should think deeply and brainstorm about a real world need or improvement in any area of education that could include anything involving “education” from subject mastery, physical rehab to skill acquisition.  Once our team has a few ideals, they need to winnow them down based upon customer needs, existing/competing market solutions and quantitative economic/humanitarian impact.

(2) SCIENCE FAIR:  The kids will need to develop a traditional tri-fold poster that summarizes all aspects of their Research Project which should include analysis of customer needs, existing market solutions and their gaps, original field research and findings, a product/service design/implementation document, etc upto and (if possible) a prototype or actual implementation.

(3) PRESENTATION:  Unlike a science fair, the team is expected to explain the motivations, execution, findings and product/service solution within a 5min setup/presentation period.  The team should dramatically present their Research Product in a way that powerfully conveys the existing problem or opportunity they are attempting to solve and how they achieve this.  This can be done in any from from a skit, song, dance, etc – as long as its information dense, persuasive and captivating.

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