Euro FLL Website has great explainations/videos and Field Kit/Technic Orders Arrive

There is a very good Euro First Lego League (FLL) website with a lot more information clearly presented.  Check it out at:

The old FLL website is still up and may have some info that has not yet migrated to the new website yet so don’t forget it entirely at


Our field kit arrived today (4’x8′ robot competition mat with about a dozen individually packaged sets to construct the individual missions).  Here is a video overview of this years Robot Challenge that we reviewed on Tuesday at First Lego League’s (FLL) new website:

FFL robots and the dozen or so mission models are constructed using Technic building blocks which are very different from the usual Lego building blocks.  Technic pieces lack the usual studs/nubs typically found on the top of mainstream Lego bricks, are typically connected with axles or pins, are symmetrical, and come with a wide variety of accessories like gears, caster wheels, motors, pneumatic components, etc. (brief overview) (Technic pieces for Lego Mindstorm Robotics)

Technic pieces allow for building more complex models such as gear boxes, robotic armatures such as grabbing claws, MacPherson struts, etc.  We’ll be learning a lot about building simple machines, powered armatures and mission-specific attachments for our robot using Lego Technics over the next 2 months.

In order to build our robot and several mission-specific attachments I’ve ordered a Lego eV3 expansion kit with Technic pieces that come with the standard FLL eV3 robotic kit (missing from my retail NXT 2.0 kit) as well as a number of general Technic pieces from eBay and since we are getting a late start and need to ramp up ASAP.

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