Robot Challenge – Video – HOMEWORK

HOMEWORK:  Watch the video and understand all the missions.  In our meeting we’ll create a table/grid, list every mission along with it’s (a) corresponding point value, (b) difficulty level (easy, medium, hard) and (c) other missions it could be combined with on one route.  For example:

(1) Door, 15 points, easy, can be combined with nearby Scale or Changing Conditions on return to Base

* Here is an overhead view of the 4′ x 8′ competition mat (click to expand):

* You can find a list and description of all Missions in the document:

* You can find a list of all point values and a good walk through of this year’s Robot Game/Challenge at:

* Judging clarification for questions that teams have about mission will be publish on an ongoing basis under the title of “Ongoing Updates”.  It is very important for the team to monitor this constantly so we don’t violate a rule/interpretation.


Our team will have 3 chances (rounds of 2:30 mins each) throughout the day of the Regional Tournament to run the course and complete as many missions as possible.  Their highest round score will determine the placing (2nd highest round score in case of a tie).

On Friday, we’ll assign everyone at least one mission to construct and think about approaches we can take to solve that one.  Everyone should understand these missions and, as a team, we’ll have to develop a strategy to optimize our path and maximize our point total by ranking each mission’s (1) difficulty, (2) point total, (3) ability to combine with other mission and (4) order/placement in the path we ultimately decide upon.

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