European FLL Website has great explainations of 3 learning/judging categories and more…

On Tuesday we reviewed the 3 equally weighted main learning/judging categories of FLL.  The European FLL website does a great job clarifying 2 of the 3 categories (some videos in English):

(1) Robotic Competition (1/3 of Score)

(2) STEM Research Project (1/3 of Score)

(3) Core Values (1/3 of Score) (from another site)

The US FLL website has a Tournament Day Rubric/Scorecard that judges will use to evaluate what we’ve learned and grade us accordingly: (more information as well)

Finally, to demystify our FLL Regional Tournament in mid-November.  I showed the group a typical schedule for the day (goto page 57 of the FLL Coaches Handbook below to see a typical team schedule):….0…1ac.1.34.heirloom-hp..1.9.619.j8kIJ9htDco

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