First Meeting Agenda 9/30/14

We’ll hold our first meeting tomorrow on Tuesday in Room 4 of the Gambier Community Center.  For the middle school kids, homeschoolers and those that can get early release we’ll start setting up at 3:00.  We’ll begin the main meeting shortly after 3:30 when the 5th graders are released from Wiggins Street Elementary.

We are starting a week or two late so we have an ambitious schedule for our first meeting:

* Introductions and team building exercise

* Explain the 3 components of FLL judging (Robotics, STEM project and Core Values)

* Typical timeline for the next 8 weeks or so of our work together

* Walk them through what Tournament Day will be like in 8 weeks

* Walk through the dozen Robot challenges to leave kids to think about problems/approaches

* Initial brainstorm on the STEM Education Project to leave kids to think about possible areas we should focus on/approaches to take

* Come up with a team name and brainstorm prelim logos/designs


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