Parents: Please Sign Electric Consent Form

I’ve given First Lego League all the parents emails.  They should’ve sent you an email titled:

** FLL TIMS email **/ Congratulations! Your child is invited to join FIRST LEGO League Team 13840

with a link to create an parent account on their web site.  Once you do this, you’ll receive an email with a link to log back in and fill out an online Parental Consent Form for you kid(s) to participate.

As of Monday the 29th, I have only 4 of our 8 initial team members confirmed.


Welcome and More Info on First Lego League

We have a great team lined up.  Most of the kids know each other in a variety of ways and the 5th graders are/will have been veterans of Destination Imagination for several years now.  DI emphasizes a lot of the same core values (teamwork, innovation, etc) but more in framework of the Dramatic Arts.

Finally, all of our kids are good eggs and solid across the board.  This should give the team advantage in getting the most out of what FLL has to offer from individual learning to project teamwork.  I’m really looking forward to working with your kids and watching what they can achieve this year.

We’ll use this blog to for team communications and coordination.  Check here regularly throughout our FFL season to find out how our team is progressing and what are the current tasks are for everyone.

For those that want to learn more about FLL, please check out the following links:


Video of Robotics:

Judging Rubric/Learning Objectives:

First Meeting Agenda 9/30/14

We’ll hold our first meeting tomorrow on Tuesday in Room 4 of the Gambier Community Center.  For the middle school kids, homeschoolers and those that can get early release we’ll start setting up at 3:00.  We’ll begin the main meeting shortly after 3:30 when the 5th graders are released from Wiggins Street Elementary.

We are starting a week or two late so we have an ambitious schedule for our first meeting:

* Introductions and team building exercise

* Explain the 3 components of FLL judging (Robotics, STEM project and Core Values)

* Typical timeline for the next 8 weeks or so of our work together

* Walk them through what Tournament Day will be like in 8 weeks

* Walk through the dozen Robot challenges to leave kids to think about problems/approaches

* Initial brainstorm on the STEM Education Project to leave kids to think about possible areas we should focus on/approaches to take

* Come up with a team name and brainstorm prelim logos/designs